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Personal information

Hi there!

I'm Jasper. I'm 18 years old. I was born and still live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. From a very young age, I've been interested in computers. Starting with little popups using Visual Basic, I soon learned the powers of the internet using HTML and CSS. In high school I was introduced to databases in my IT class, using SQL. Ever since, it has been my dream to become a fully-fledged software developer.

Other interests include going to the Efteling theme park, working on OpenStreetMap and the occasional videogame or Netflix series. I also enjoy selfhosting webapps. For example, my notes, screenshots and documents are all selfhosted using open-source software. They're fairly simple, but I enjoy the fact that it's possible.

As for the future? I aspire to join the volunteer fire brigade. I'm also interested in data and Open-Source Intelligence. I hope to get a job in the police, safety region or other organisations where I can actively contribute to my community's wellbeing.

You can find me on X (Twitter), send me a message on LinkedIn or send me an e-mail.

Work experience